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Color is a huge driver for my work - I find it hard to motivate if I am not feeling inspired by the color palette, which happens sometimes with client work and is a total drag. I wanted to give you guys a little insight into how I build a color palette for different paintings and illustrations.

I generally approach a work with a base color and contrast color in mind. A lot of my color choices are inspired by textures or patterns, and how I can get these to contrast with my main color selection. I don’t normally work with set color palettes, but I do try to reference the Split Complementary and Triadic Color points, then keep whatever additional colors I choose within the value range of the complement colors. I use the Pantone and Coolors Apps to reference and get inspiration when I need it.

Below I have included a couple color combos and mood boards I am really feeling for this spring. The winter felt as though it would never, ever, end. This has left me craving sunshine and has definitely pulled me towards bright pops of colors, and warm neutrals - I also can't seem to get enough of French Blue right now.


Queen Blue

I am loving the contrast between the soft, dirty pale pinks, the sky blues, and the pops of fresh green just scream spring to me right now.


Citrine Spring

Although mustard is typically associated with Fall color palettes, I love the graphic effect it has in contrast with great lines, and softer more pastel neutrals.


Roses and Citrus

This palette borders on the edge of summer - but the touches of the pastel citrus help keep it feeling like fresh spring to me.


French Tea

Pattern and the newness of spring inspired this collection of bright colors that scream new beginnings.


 What are your favorite spring colors? Leave me a comment and let me know-




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