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Another week gone, holy heck! I am seriously looking forward to the time change this Sunday. I know a lot of you are dreading the sleep mix-up, but I would much rather have an hour less of sleep if it means more daylight hours in my life.  This is my favorite point in the year, when you really feel the turn to end winter and kick off Spring, and flowers and as I said before, sunlight.  The endless winter is the hardest part about living in New England, but it is still my favorite place in the world.

This week I am featuring textile artists that are killing it and pushing traditional embroidery to the next level.  I have always had a softspot for textile arts, I learned to crochet and sew before I had any formal training in Fine Arts, and they are still my go to mediums when I need to regroup and zen out.


Maryam Ashkanian - Fiber Artist

The concept and execution behind her Sleep Series 2014 is simply stunning, I love the juxtaposition between line and texture, hard and soft, and how they hint towards ideas of memory and impact.



Rosa e Chocolat - Embroidery Artist

I couldn't find a name for this artist, so please let me know if you stumble across one so I can credit appropriatly. However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to feature such unique embroidery work. I am especially drawn to the three dimensionality of the threadwork, and the incorporation of non-traditional materials in the compositions. 



Svetlana - Embroidery & Jewelery

The scale of Svetlana's work is what draws me to her creations, I love the level of detail she is able to include in such tiny works. The fish are especially intricate and stunning. 



 Adam Pritchett - Embroiderer

As you all know, I have a soft spot of bugs, and Adam speaks straight to my bug loving heart with his miniscule and delicate works. All of his work is just totally stunning, but his unique spider compositions are truly unique and beautiful.



 Lauren Beach - Wool Painter & Embroiderer 

Lauren's work combining the gritty testure of wool with the strong linework of embroidery is second to none. I love her take on creatures and their environments on her circle canvases.



Cathy Eliot - Embroiderer

Cathy's botanical work is perfect, I am always amazed at how well she captures the organic flow of foliage, and her command of color.

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Don't forget to check out my weekend playlist , I update each week so we can jam together. This week is a bit rock heavy:



 Thanks for stopping in, have a rad weekend! Until next time, keep being awesome-



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