Friday Instagram Finds & Weekend Studio Playlist

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This morning I woke up confused about where my husband disappeared to, he never gets up before me on Saturdays..... OH wait, it is FRIDAY. This week has been madness and my schedule is all out of sorts!  I have had a bunch of client work I am closing out, and I spent some time updating the bugs over in the shop. As always, below you will find another round up of my favorite Instagram finds, these people are making me feel inspired and excited about time in my studio. 

If you have time, show these creatives some love, please do. Also, don't forget to check the playlist at the end of the post - it is full of my favorite jams from this week.


 Becca Bastian Lee - Painter

I am actually sad it took me so long to run across Becca's feed - I love her use of color and pattern, there is a huge surge of abstract artists cropping up all over Instagram lately and a lot of them feel very similar, however Becca's work is a refreshing change!



 Courtney Roth - Artist & Illustrator

Courtneys linework and minimalist aesthetic in sharing her botanical illustrations speaks right to my heart and all the things I love about sketchbooks. 



 Sophie Tomlinson - Embroidery

The abstract texture and mixed media feel to her application is amazing. Sophie's work is just so visually engaging, it's collage meets painterly texture meets embroidery and I am loving it.

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 Sonal Nathwani - Painter

The movement and use of color in her abstracted floral works is just so dreamy.

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Don't forget to snag your studio playlist here - my favorite jams from this week!


I hope you have an awesome and productive weekend! XOX-

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